help!!..which 5.1 system...

Found 8th May 2007
rite...was all set to buy the pioneer 5.1 system....till i found the yamaha one...anybody "in the know" out there gimme sum advice on which is better value for money?..both around same price pioneer has 100 watt more output... i will b using it for my xbox 360 and tv/dvd etc


or this!!!


any advice most welcome....
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Not really sure which is better. They seem similar in many ways and are probably both pretty good for the money.

But I can vouch for AV Sales if that's any help. I received 1st class service, friendly advise and help from them recently when purchasing a plasma. Folk do say they are well known for their good customer service.
id go for the pioneer, it matches the 360, the remote lets u control the 360 as well when playing dvds etc, plus the screen unit thing looks funky as ****. I got mine a while back from the play.com £150 offer and its awesome, especially with rainbow six. Im looking forward to playing forza with it turned up LOUD
Purchased the Pioneer system from play.com last year for £130 and it's a great system and highly reccomend it, think pla have upped the price of the unit to £199.99 now though but you can get 2% cashback via Quidco
thanx for the advice....was edging towards the pioneer system....was all set to order it till i found the yamaha one...but i'll take the advice and go 4 my 1st choice..the pioneer.....and thanks for the AV sales recommondation..wasnt sure bout that site...but u put my mind at rest mikey....................my 360 in surround sound...YESSS!!!
u bought the pioneer?
i just ordered it from usa 2nd hand neverthless but including delivery will be£85 just hope it works properly!
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