HELP....with Iphone 3g


    I have got an iphone 3g and no the hell do i down load applications on to it. I have tried thru my laptop and 5 applications which i have chosen into my apps how do i get them on the phone?

    Also i have tried just doing it thru the phone but can seem to do it?

    arhhhhh thanks again



    use itunes? doesn't get much easier than an ipod/iphone

    Original Poster

    I am in itunes and have them in the library?

    In I-tunes look for your I-phone in the devices list on the left hand side, click on your i-phone.
    A summary page will appear, look at the tabs on the top and click on the apps tab.
    In this tab you can select apps to sync or just click "Sync all apps"
    Then click on "Sync" in bottom right hand corner.
    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    ^^^^^^ thankyou very much......wish i had asked two hours ago !! simple when you know how.

    Its doing something anyway saying sync on the phone ! fingers crossed

    Open AppStore on the iPhone and download them from there

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    tried that but wont do it...says cant load apps from iphone....done it through the laptop
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