Hen night!!!!! Ideas on things for Bride to be, to have to collect.

    Ok Title says it all really. Hitting Birmingham (so beware). Peeps who end up in the same hotel. I do apologise in advance lol.
    Anyway, what can we FORCE the bride to collect on our travels.
    Not too mucky lol. Ie not used condoms pmsl.


    When you 'hitting' brum .... ??

    Dates and venues please ??

    A Pair of Boxers, socks etc
    Guy's business cards (variation on below)

    Don't know what she'll be wearing but we had the groom in a white shirt and had every girl we met out sign it with a phone number and message which was good fun (also used to get a laugh in the best man's speech, lol)


    how about taking out a polaroid camera and she has to sweet talk (by what ever means) to get guys to do certain things for her, no one will know how she got them to do the things and the photos wont show the actual payments hahaha
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