Hen Rehoming (caged hens) like Buttercup in the Picture (who is not dead!) - suggested donation £5 @ British Hen Welfare Trust

Posted 8th Nov 2019
I am not going to lie - I looked at the photo and then read the description underneath to find that "Buttercup" is enjoying a lovely "dust bath" after being caged for over 18 months! Lot's of info on this great site and for a great cause too. There is no cost to getting the hens but a donation is receommened which I think is a must really to keep places like this going.

"Little Buttercup here may look the worse for wear, but really she’s in hen heaven. Having lived in a cage for the first 18 months of her life, this is Buttercup’s first dust bath in her happy new home in someone’s back garden."

We find caring homes for thousands of commercial laying hens like Buttercup, who are destined for slaughter, each year and have hen collection points all over the country.
To find the one nearest to you just click here.

It is an Animal & Plant Health Agency requirement that all hens are traceable and therefore we require full contact details of rehomers.We do not make a charge for the hens or their adoption, but we ask for a donation to cover what we pay the farmers, vet fees, fuel, phone bills, trailers, equipment and feed as well as supporting our ongoing and very successful campaign work for a free range future.

The average donation we receive is £5 per hen, and if you would like to adopt some caged hens follow steps 1, 2 and 3 below:
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