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    Just wondered if anybody knows of any good deals on a Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner. We're all set to get one from Argos for £95 (we've got a £5 off voucher if we pay on our storecard, which would also give us 3 months interest free to pay for it - very useful at this time of year.) However, if there are any big savings to be made, then that would be grand!


    [SIZE=2]Found him for £86.95: [/SIZE]

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    [SIZE=2]Found him for £86.95: … [SIZE=2]Found him for £86.95: [/SIZE]]

    Thanks for that Spriggan, I'd normally go purely on price and get this, but I think with the Argos one being only £8 more, and with 5 free bags and especially the fact that we can leave it until after Christmas to pay. I'm going to have to spend the extra - it's so upsetting!

    Rep left anyway, I was hoping (unlikely though it may be) that somebody might find one for around the £70-£75 mark. Thanks Spriggan

    [SIZE=2]Found a better deal that might be worth getting:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]John Lewis has them for £93.90 with a 2 year guarantee. If you buy the vacuum bags for £4.95 (10 bags) the price comes to £98.85. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Buy something else for £1.15 to make the total £100 or over and use the £10 off code 'FESTIVE10'. This brings it down to £90, going through quidco gives you a further 6%, saving you £5.40. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Total price after discounts & quidco: £84.60[/SIZE]


    Might be worth considering over the Argos one as it comes with the free 2 year guarantee. Hope it helps and thanks for the rep!

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    Cheers Spriggan, I'll put it to Mrs Mike.

    Costco do them for about £75 all in I think. been a while since I bought one from them but they were always the cheapest when I was looking. - Maybe someone can confirm?

    Makro had them for under £80 yesterday, but there is VAT on that and you obviously have to have a card....

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    Already got one thanks - we ended up just getting from Argos so we could put off paying for it, got 6 months free credit so at least we don't have to pay for straight away. Incidentally, I noticed that it comes with 2 years manufacturers guarantee, so the John Lewis offer was not such a big advantage after all.

    Thanks all
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