Here is something to get Xmasy

    Loads of different quirky things to do if your bored thru the xmas period (or if you cant make it out due to a hangover) lol:

    if you move your curser down the the bottom right (office max tab) you can get a long list of different things to do.
    the first one which iv linked you too is reindeer arm wrestling:

    Here is my Mrs saxo who has just done the ELF YOURSELF one (5th bottom)……714

    There is loads to choose from, who likes what ?? :giggle: :giggle: :santa:


    The elf yourself game is already in the forum It's fun though :santa: Hehe

    Original Poster

    Dam i thought i was the first lol

    [SIZE=2]I was beaten by the reindeer though :santa:[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    yeh so was i, dam reindeers always win lol


    :giggle: Thanks saxo ... i'm such a weakling, just cant beat that reindeer!

    Hey,i beat the reindeer 3rd time round.woohoo.:santa:

    Original Poster

    lucky you, i need to go to the gym before i try at it again lol

    I'm totally addicted to the reindeer game now - I have to go to work soon
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