Here Kitty Kitty.

Got a neighbourhood cat that has taken a liken to my back garden and my plants, find that they are trampled on or layed on (probably doing its business aswell there to.)

I heard there is a plant that has a smell that they disagree with and wont come near or is that a myth, anyway Im not interested in High pitched noise machines or other such stuff to get rid of it and to keep all animal lovers minds at ease I would never harm or poison or hide poison in meat for it, just want it to stop making my garden its own personal retreat.

Not getting a Dog either.


Try the following;

1 Prunings from roses or berberis under the plants that you want to protect.

2 Teabags dipped in Jeyes Fluid buried in soil under plants

3 Orange/Lemon peel under plants

4 Lion dung (on sale from Safari Parks, zoos etc)

5 Buy a dog.

Here's another idea: I know this is a bit different but, I had a problem with my cat weeing in a pot plant indoors - smelled awful! I was determined to reclaim my plant and make it clear to my cat that this wasn't on. So, I cleaned the plant out, washing the roots gently, and refreshing as much of the soil as I could. Then I watered it with a few drops of tea tree oil in the water (for the smell.) I cleaned the outside of the pot with white vinegar (cats apparently don't like it and it also has an air freshening effect. I think citronella essential oil can also work to repel cats, perhaps rubbed along any pots. I then placed decorative stones across the top of the pot (less comfortable for the bottom!) I have to admit that this didn't work first time - I had to wash it all out twice - but it did work.

If all else fails, I have another idea which might sound a bit out there: lion poo. Someone told me years ago that spreading this around the garden, repels cats. Not sure how this sits with growing food. Assuming you can get hold of some, maybe you could fill some pots and position them around the place?

You might find some more ideas through this site: [url][/url]

I have a cat that does the same in my garden, we have learnt that if you run after them when they do it they soon run off. Now all we have to do is stamp our foot on the ground and it runs away from the plants!!

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Some good ideas to be going on with there, thanks all, will get the scaredy cat plants and try the rose prunnings and orange peel to start with, Lion dung sounds interesting will probably keep all wildlife out.


just curious but why arn't you interested in the high pitched noise things? My mom uses one because she likes birds in the garden but most of her neighbours have cats - it seems to work very well & it's only a small green thing planed in the grass.

We have two cats so I've not tried one myself.

my husband urinates over the areas ,seems male urine is a bit like marking their area .females doesnt work obviously hes discreet
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