Heres abit of random nonsense

go on, answer it, I dare you..


lol, its a bit biased isnt it? option 4 obviously lol

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its not biased, its the truth :giggle: :w00t: :whistling:

should have made it a public vote :giggle:

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crap didnt think of that :giggle:

Great poll! ! :thumbsup:

Surely we're all gonna vote option 4 tho?

p.s. GeekGrrl - Note the bunny?!?! :giggle:

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Great poll! ! :thumbsup: Surely we're all gonna vote option 4 tho? … Great poll! ! :thumbsup: Surely we're all gonna vote option 4 tho? :whistling:p.s. GeekGrrl - Note the bunny?!?! :giggle:

you better all vote option 4 or there'l be some bunny boiling!! and you dont want that, doooo you *looks around accusingly*

hehehe! ;-)

No bunny boilingness round here please!!

He made me laugh - had to add him! :giggle:

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he's a cutie isnt he, reminds me of fluffy

I might be seeing things - but that don't look like no bunny I've ever seen! !!

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hehe, he's a big hairy bunny :giggle:

oooh hollyoaks is on soooon (sad life isnt it)

ooo - Hollyoaks!

Damm it - I'm stuck in stinky work & gonna be till 11 o'blooming clock!

Grrrr! :x

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ive no work til saturday, woohoo
cheesy titles here i come :giggle:

They are the CHEESIEST titles in the world! Enjoy! :-D

I'm stuck = lates tomorrow too & then 2 stinky night shifts - blugh! :x

Thank the lord for HUKD ! ! :giggle:


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I wont be getting my hollyoaks fix tonight either as im going shopping, yay!!
I did flick over to E4 though to see tonights episode :w00t:

I went for option 2 doohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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