Posted 8th Jan 2023 (Posted 4 h, 49 m ago)
So here is the Sunday evening entertainment in the form of a puzzle that genuinely happened to me.
4 years ago my now late mother was diagnosed with Glaucoma which then meant that i was allowed free eye tests.
at the time i was 42 years old and my eyes were 20/20 but decided to have an eye test.
all went well and my eyes were still 20/20 no prescription.
At the end of the test the optician offered me the option to pay £10 to allow them to use a machine to look at the back of my eyes.
£10 for my vision is obviously not a lot to pay so i said yes and had the test done.
After the test the optician showed me the photo of my Left eye and said there was a tiny tear at the back which most probably would never get any worse, but if i ever experienced Black spots in my vision in my Left eye then i should call 111 or 999 and explain my symptoms as my eye would need to be lasered or eye would become blind in that eye as it would fill with fluid.
At the time of this happening i clearly remember the optician pointing out the tiny tear on the photo and i remember seeing my name in the top right of the photo on the screen.
12 months later i book an eye examination at the same opticians and see the same optician.
The test is done and i again opt for the £10 machine to view the back of my eyes.
all perfect no problems.
So i ask the optician "what happened to the tiny tear in the Left eye"
Her reply "what are you on about "
I explain what happened the year before and she looks confused !
she goes back to the previous years photos and there is no tear, nothing ??
I then explain what i was shown and told and she tells me that what I'm telling her is exactly what she would tell someone if the test did show a defect on the eye so knows ive not made it up.
The last 2 years ive been back to the same place, same machine and all good.
So what is a valid explanation ?
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    I have a small dark spot on the back of my eye. Some opticians don’t see it, even with the extra examination. I always tell them to look closer. I’m told it’s harmless. I’ve had it for nearly forty years without any problem.
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    A bad image or a blur in the photo? Used the wrong slide? It's almost always human error.
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    Probably a hair on the screen
    But from what i remember it was more of a blurred spot and when she clicked from the Left eye to the Right eye it wasn't there so couldn't have been anything on the screen
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    Alternate realities of the multiverse
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    The first optician that you saw should have made some clinical notes and documented:

    1. What they saw
    2. What they told you about:what they saw
    3. what safefuarding advice was given ie seek advice if loss of vision. black spots etc.

    If you had a condition which resulted in you becoming blind and the optician had not warned you about this, then the optician could be sued for a large sum of money.
    The medical records would usually be very thorough.
    (I think that they also send a copy of their concerns to the GP)

    It sounds as if the optician who saw you recently looked at the copy of the printed photograph (which may not be as good as looking at the image taken on the day, on the computer) and did not look at the previous paper / computer medical notes.

    Not sure if what they saw originally is still a cause for concern or whether it is something which has healed itself.
    However, if you are worried, then perhaps consider going to another optician next time, but ask if they have the machine which does the detailed scan. (Also, how modern is their machine - like TVs, mobile phones and laptops, the newer the machine, the better the picture)
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