Heres something new to try

    Did you know that due to the connection between your brains defence mechanism and the muscles in your arm its impossible to punch yourself in the face?

    Its a scientific fact(which I just made up)

    So give it a try and let me know how you all get on.


    ouch!!!!!!!! not impossible!!!!!

    got a nose bleed and black eye now, cheers, but theres no need to beat yourself up over it....
    Edited by: "wickedteen" 9th Aug 2010

    I daren't. They might retaliate.

    Erm as I sit here with a busted nose waiting to go to A+E I wonder How I will explain how I did this to the nurse!!!!!!!!

    Mmm now thats a thought lol !! ouch!!!

    I'm going to sue. . .

    who's sue
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