Hermes App problems?

Posted 27th May
Is anyone else having problems paying for Hermes deliveries? I've tried using my Visa debit on the website and the app, but payment failure each time. Bank has confirmed it's not a problem their end.
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No problem for me try using a different browser dont use app or perhaps pay via PayPal or a different credit card
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I have had that problem last two weeks. Keep getting the same error so having to use the website.

Would be easier if you could use PayPal via the app but as it's not an option and card doesn't work I log on to use PayPal.
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Thanks for your suggestions. Tried the app & website, PayPal and card.. nothing!
Hermes are rubbish where I live really don't know where they get there employees from sometimes!
I worked for Hermes....
Thanks for your helpful input.
It's their employees btw.
britlad27/05/2020 09:31

Thanks for your helpful input.It's their employees btw.

Who cares!
You'll need a question mark for that.
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