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Hermes: Item not received but tracking states delivered signed for?

Posted 17th Jul 2020
Are Hermes couriers (and maybe other couriers) signing for items as delivered but not actually delivering them, until a later date?

Tracking shows an item as delivered signed for. People at home all day. At the delivery address. No ring or knock at the door all day. Parcel can't be found outside. Outdoor bins looked inside. Underneath car checked. Flower beds looked at. Checked along the street etc. Signature box just shows a web link for Hermes corona virus policy. Sender managed to get an image of the signature but nothing like the signature or intitials of those at the delivery address. Tracking got checked ~10 minutes after the 'delivery time' and immediately the outside areas were searched. No parcel has been found.

Probably a few years ago now. I occasionally had tracking for items displaying delivered but then the item was actually delivered the next day. In some cases two or three days later. I am wondering whether couriers are marking items as delivered but not actually delivering the item(s) until a later more convenient (to them) date? In the past I think they were possibly doing it to get their commission. When they knew they couldn't actually deliver the item(s) on time. For whatever reason.

Hermes hasn't seem willing to actually contact the courier. Which is weird because I would have thought they'd be worth getting hold of and can end the mystery.. For this sort of situation.

Another weird thing thing is the app displays a different delivery time to the time stated within two different Hermes delivery notification emails. It is strange to get two delivery emails a few minutes apart

Additionally the GPS delivered location image has the location further up the road than previous Hermes actually delivered GPS images. This time it is of the postcode map location. Rather than the actual property location..

There is a possibility the item has been stolen. Either by the courier or from the property. It is however odd because couriers and Royal Mail ring the bell or knock on the door. Even during corona virus lockdown.

I'd be interested if anyone else has experienced this type of issue? Was the item eventually received?

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