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Following on from Skuseys Kidney Stone Thread......

my 19 year old son has to have a hernia op on 4th Feb :-( I dont want to google whats involved as i dont want to scare myself to death! He has left home and went to the drs and his pre-op appointment by himself so I dont know all the ins and outs of such an op.
Anyone had one?

(didnt Joey from friends have a hernia too?)

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Yep Joey has. he's a walking talking pain machine..

youtube link to follow if can find one…dqA

I had a hernia repair, while having my gall bladder removed...... didn't even know I had a hernia until I came round! Depends on individual but think it is relatively straight forward. Am sure it will be fine :0)

A guy in my work had a hernia op just before xmas and he was in and out of hospital on the same day.

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I know he will be under general anaesthetic and they have told him he will be really bruised "down below" !

what type of hernia is it? as obviously there are different types?

oops sorry bruised down below so its the groin then! thats where i had mine!

evening makershaker! ;-)

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oops sorry bruised down below so its the groin then! thats where i had … oops sorry bruised down below so its the groin then! thats where i had mine!

very low in the groin area apparently :w00t:

oooh i know dont remind me!


Most likely be in and out the same day.

They don't like you clogging up beds with woes. lol

Wish him luck.

yeh mine was done 1st thing (think cause my sister was a nurse there!) anyway was,nt too bad but i did have to take it easy for a while and it didnt help that i work with kids! but good luck to him anyway i,m sure he will be fine

Provided it is a simple hernia on just one side and he is not overweight then it should be done as a day case under an anaesthetic. Normally they like the patient to have someone with them for 24 hours following an anesthetic - this is nothing to worry about just as a precaution! Then I think the general rule is that you should not lift anything too heavy for about 6 weeks afterwards.

Hope this is helpful - Debs x


evening makershaker! ;-)

Hiya! :thumbsup:

My husband had a hernia op went in late morning and was home for tea. Very quick op nowadays.…tml

He's prob got an inguinal hernia,…nia
I had this op, no pain as they put a pain block injection in, all while asleep, VERY bruised but not like painful just black n purple and swolen :oops: and no you can't see the pics I took
depends on if they do keyhole or open as I had. Soooooo pleased I had it done, 6 weeks off work.
Any Qestions I'll try n remember what it was like. :thumbsup:

Btw I had op 08.30 out of hospital same day by 4 pm just needs somone to help him up as its scary tryin not to pull yourself

i was told originally it seemed like quite a small hernia and could be keyhole but when i woke up i had such a big scar from the bottom over i was told it was bigger than expected! even when i went to doc after op for post/op i was told it must have been quite a size looking at the scar!

My OH had an emergency op for a strangulated hernia a few years ago & as I remember he was only in for a day or so & got over it quite quickly ... hope all goes well for him Bitsey.
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