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Posted 9th Jun 2020
I have been trying to find out about hertiage, I know have African prince jamaican, white and red Indian hertiage , also know my surname Wilson relevants to one of largest slave companies Wilson, but wanted to get details is there a free website or government body that I can get relevant details ancestry.com when need information hits you with a high bill.
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Every now and again, these family-tree sites do "free access" - say, for a weekend - so perhaps keep an eye out for when they do it again? And no, I don't know when that would be! Hehe.

By the way, not to be all "grammar police" but it's HERITAGE. (Just in case you're trying to search for sites.)

All the best, Phsy.
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If you have a library membership, some libraries were giving free access to Ancestry.com
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