Hertz 24/7 Van Hire - anyone used this? What was your experience like?

Posted 15th Jun 2022 (Posted 9 h, 38 m ago)
I need to hire a van - only need it for a couple of hours and Hertz 24/7 seems to have the best rate for that locally, at only £14-15 per hour.

But I've read some horror stories about people using it and being hit with hidden charges, fines, etc., and having to pay an extra £15 for a non-refundable key fob. Although most of the complaints seem to be from several years ago, so maybe they've changed how they do things since - like I'm pretty sure you don't need to buy the fob anymore.

So has anyone here used them recently and how was your experience?
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    I used them twice prior to the annual membership charge and never had issues.

    Was never hit with any extra charges, process of booking and returning the vehicle was pretty quick/easy. The first time I had to book, I even had to register which again was quick and painless.

    This was probably around 2/3 years ago so by no means recent.
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    Have you looked at zipvan and co-wheels as well? i'm sure one of them do a nightly rate (like 6pm to 8am), which is good for an evening trip to ikea.
    Neither operate anywhere near me - Zipcar/van is only in London, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.
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    Take out you own Insurance excess protection, hire companies always rip you off with that
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    I attempted to use them,having used them previously.
    I couldn't access my account since they had Allegedly deleted my details. I needed the booking ASAP as I was there and they had to unlock the account, but it didn't work.
    I phoned back and told a completely different story /, process by another agent and was assured my licence etc would be checked within 20 minutes (it was 9pm) so I booked and waited.
    Still no response after 50 minutes so I clicked cancel in the app and went home. 2 days later I received my account approval, then found I had been charged for the booking (£30 plus account fee) so I emailed to complain. I sent 17 emails over 35 days without a single reply before giving up on my experiment and calling to complain and get my money back. Absolute shambles.
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    Maybe some sort of Man & Van would suit your needs on this occaision?
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