Hewlett Packard. Laptop for £300 and under... best price would be helpful thanks =)

Yeah as the title says =)
Need it for school preferably


If it must be a HP here you go £290. Not the fastest but the new celerons are better on battery life than the old ones. It's a well made lappy for a good price.

ps if you get it go into the bios and change the allocated graphics ram from 256mb to 128mb to give vista a little more ram to work with.

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Thanks allot for the reply.
Yes, my dad will only let me buy it from HP as he has some contract with them where he can pay monthly...:?
But yes i will do some research on this laptop, any more input for other laptops would be useful (don't want this thread to go dead yet.:))

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ok my father has said he will buy me any laptop i want for £300 and under. Input please:-D
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