Anyone remember the game hexic? It was a xbox arcade game ... I have searched for it in the app store but nope! Anyone know if it's under a different name? Would love it!! Lol



    bejewelled ?

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    Kk mate I will try them, thanks pal as for bejewelled it's addictive but just ain't the same lol

    i think hexic was only bundled with the hard drive, so not available for download? hexic 2 is on the marketplace or should be but i don't like it as much

    Hexic HD is a great game - it comes with the hard drive i thought - i've never had to download it anyway.

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    :-( i dont have a xbox anymore, a ps3 .. loved hexic though it was so addictive lol bring to the iphone !!!! apple do you hear me! bring it to the iphone!!!!
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