hey grumps

    you have a good holiday, holiday snaps please

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    Aye up :-D

    Sorry I didn't see this thread Sass! Need to go to specsavers eh :thinking: I had a lovely time, it was a quiet place and very friendly folk. I spent most of me time sunbathing, stuffing me face and drinking.

    Unfortunately my case didn't leave the UK with me, the airline left it behind, but it did arrive on the 3rd day just in time to save me having to go commando after running out of options with the pants I travelled in once I'd worn them inside out and then back to front....phew!!!

    Here's a piccy of the place taken on me mobile, I have not got more at the mo, but do have a load to get off the memory stick of the digi-cam, so will put some up for you to gawk at then.....obtw! it's not me in the piccy just some random sunbathers, I'm behind the lens :-D

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