Hey... Today is Thirstday :-) . . Not quite Flyday... and 2 days b4 Caturday ....

    (sorry couldn't resist)

    So, what are you drinkin?.. or show us a pic of your fav drinkie :-)


    Original Poster

    Nothing yet but I wouldn't mind a pint of what your drinking...:thumbsup:

    I can here a tin of lager shouting at me from the fridge tho..

    So, what are you drinkin?..

    the house dry! another bad day for me


    mangners cause im off tomoz ye ha

    Carlsberg to drown my sorrows

    How do you put piccys in your posts????


    Carlsberg to drown my sorrows

    wanna share?

    Jagermister with energy drink (jager bomb)
    its rather yummy

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