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Found 26th Mar 2008
finaly got my first bit of work in a few days with an agency. Can anyone tell me what break requrements are needed when you multi drop? i no its 3/4 every 4 hours driving but think ive heard something about not needing that when multi-drop. reading up on tachographs as i said id driven a 7.5 b4 and hav'nt!
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Good PDF ]here about it, ages since I done agency work in a 7.5 tonner and can't remember taking breaks.
thanks mate, good info but nothing about multi drop breaks, must be as normal then.
just asked my dad he is a hgv driver..before 4.5 hours of driving you have got to take 3/4 hour break which can be taken like that or split into 1 x 1/4 hr and 1 x 1/2 hour but the half hour must be taken second (after the quarter) before 6 hours driving is completed, you can have as many breaks as you want but this is the minimum required. this applies to ALL drivers using a tacho whether your multi drop or not ok
you can drive for 9 hours a day and only 2x10 hr shifts in one week and you can only drive for a maximum of 90 hours a fortnight you can download all this info from vosa website i hope this has helped you
have fun ! and drive carefully ok
thanks 4 that. is it just me or are these breaks far more complicated than they need 2 be lol

also not sure on the fun part, starting at 2 am and dont no where im going.Just stay clear of north devon
New drivers hours rules from 11th april 2007 ]http//ht…htm
lmao i steering clear babe ill tell my dad too he close to retirement lol you wont go far wrong with his info the good bit hopefully will be £££££ on pay day !!
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