Hi All

Posted 19th Jun
Hi everyone,

I'm new here, Moved from Sydney to France a few years ago and used ozbargain allot when I was in Aus
Will be moving to UK in the next month or 2.

Glad to see so many deals on the site.

Any advise on where to live ? (Have a partner and a 10 month old)

Where to get white goods and furniture ?

General advise on what to look out for ?

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Hi & welcome
Curry’s for white goods. Ikea for furniture.
Search hukd before every purchase you make
Oh & live rural away from all the riff raff
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Currys to browse and feel the goods. Then go online and buy from AO.com for super service and delivery as well as saving a few £100s in the process.

Anywhere rural or out of town is best to live. And get a garden so at least if we all go back in to lockdown you have outside space.
Generally house prices in and around London are much more expensive than anywhere else, even other large cities like Birmingham so I'd avoid anything within an hour or so of there. Beyond that it depends on what you want.

Good quality furniture is mostly sold by independent shops, the national and international chains focus on budget to mid-range stuff. White goods can be bought in most places and are all pretty similar.
G'day mate. Highly recommend the Midlands, Somewhere on the outskirts of Nottingham. You're never far away from anywhere, cost of living is relatively cheap in comparison to London etc..
do not forget to see if you can get cashback for your online purchase via topcashback/quidco (i will leave which is best to use to other people as i use both )
Actually, stay away from HUKD and you will be fine with a smaller house. Spend too much time here and your wallet will be empty with the house full of junk
welcome to the underworld

check local fly tipping spots for appliances
Don't move to Hull. People like me live here.

Although properties are quite cheap.
I moved to Chester about 16 years ago. Really nice for young kids. It’s near to Manchester and Liverpool for work etc. you can get a decent 3 bed family house at about 200000 to buy 600 pcm for a rental. Could even be less now. Best areas are Hoole and handbridge for schools parks etc. good luck
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