Hi All, been looking at a few cubot phones on Amazon which don't have 4g , I personally think it's fine and I mostly only noticed the benefit of 4g if downloading stuff(browsing and streaming seems almost as good on 3g) does 3g have much of a future

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Some of the cubot phone s like the the u max are 89.99 and hafury mix 69.99 on Amazon and seem good apart from no 4g ie 2 GB ram recent version of android etc if your happy with 3g speed is there any other potential problems?
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Couldn't you just buy the Nokia android phone for a little more?

I can normally get around 8 to 12 MB on 3G (HSDPA+) on both EE and Vodafone which is enough to do most things, On 4G obliviously at lot higher subject to a good Network Signal, I have however seen my 4G drop down to around 2 -4 MB speed in busy or congested times, switch back to 3G and instantly get higher through put when this happens.

By the time all the Networks get good reliable 4G coverage throughout the UK it will be time for 5G to be rolled out.
I have the hafury umax which is as I understand a cubot phone. It's pretty good and the battery lasts for days though it does take about 4 hours to completely charge. Camera is not the best in low light and I don't really miss the 4g. All in all no complaints from me and I've had it for 4 months
Did u get it from Amazon £89.99?
don't expect any updates with cubot
thebiggishman30th Sep

Did u get it from Amazon £89.99?

Hi biggishman. Sorry for the delay but as a new member I had grief validating my account as my email put hukdeals stuff into my spam- my bad. All good now anyway. Not sure what you decided in the end but noticed the hafury (cubot) umax on hukdeals recently. I added my comments there. To answer your original question I got mine not on Amazon but eBay UK seller for £75 . Cheers
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