HI all... Does anyone know how you become a merchant on hot deals

Hi i am not self promoting i am asking how to become a merchant. and would like my post not to be shut down again as i have not give the name of my website out ?
Does anyone know how you become a merchant on hot deals? and what the criteria is?
Me and my husband have just set up our own web site and i would love to be able to share good deals with you all.
Any feedback would be fantastic


Haven't you just asked this?


Read the original post for the details of how you go about this

you know - the other one that I supposedly shut for you?

Contact the mods ?


[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Comedy Thread!

Merry Christmas everybody![/COLOR]


Sunk in yet?




You answer is here … You answer is here http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/542946/hi-all-does-anyone-know-how-you-bec :roll:

What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^ :roll:

Please don't go starting any more threads on this subject as the answer is exactly the same as last time you asked

Thread locked, by me

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