Hi all just received delivery of home base kitchen, wife noticed damage to breakfast bar and 1 out of the two or so package s opened so far is badly stuffed, can I return it all and not go ahead with credit agreement or only change the damaged bit

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I'm not sure what condition the rest of the stuff is gonna be with damaged items already appearing etc
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I believe you are now a customer of the finance company. Contact both finance company and supplier. The final recourse is with the finance company.
I think you can do either. Return or swap damaged bit.. Damaged in transit is common. Not yet had a kitchen delivered that never had damage or bits missing.
Irregardless of how you paid you should contact the supplying store. Then see what they say.
Do you want a kitchen or to return it? Will you get similar or better for the same money elsewhere? Is it damaged or poorly made? Why do you want to return it?
Once you know yourself, you know what you want to ask for.
That's a looooong title! This sort of stuff gets damaged often, I'd just contact the place you bought it from and they'll be likely to sort out a replacement.
This is why you inspect everything on receipt and reject items.

Legally; you do not yet have the goods you purchased delivered in the condition you are entitled to expect.

Ideally, you spot this while inspecting the delivery, photograph it and REJECT the item. Then there is no doubt about when the damage occurred. You are helping the retailer here because they have an agreement with the haulier that stipulates the goods were inspected on pick up. The haulier is liable, to the retailer not you, for the damage.

Failing that, you contact the retailer within 24 hours of delivery for preference or as soon as you notice. But the longer you leave it, the more likely I would be to say that the damage was sustained post delivery and its difficult for you to to defend. 3 days and I would say its your problem anyway.

NOW you notify the finance company that delivery has not been made of goods in satisfactory condition. I strongly suspect that there agreement with you stipulates you must inspect on receipt and reject obvious damage. A good company then delays the repayments until delivery is made and the contract fulfilled. A bad company doesn't help you and sticks to the repayments which technically places them in jeopardy but that's a whole nother matter.
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