Hi all my next door neighbour has a problem can any of you lot help?

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Found 1st Sep 2016
She has had an eviction notice,she has a verbal contract and owes nothing in rent, on the letter it says she has to be out for the 18 sep, a birdy said that the owner may want the property for a family member and thats the reason for the eviction what can she do?



If she's not in contract, 30 days notice is all that is needed.

Get her to call Shelter, who will discuss her situation with her and offer her the most suitable and effective advice for her specific situation. She's not going to get that here unless you can provide more information, or unless she can come on herself.

I dont know if a verbal agreement would be same as an assured shorthold tenancy (you would need to check) but if it is he needs to issue a section 21 notice giving 2 months.


Not to worry. They have to get a court order for her to be forced to leave.

Get her to contact Shelter and the Citizen's Advice Bureau, if she has no tenancy agreement at all then I think it may be 30 days notice, if she has an assured shorthold tenancy (even if expired and just rolling over), the landlord would have to serve a section 21 notice which gives 2 months for her to go, if she doesn't at the end of that, then the landlord would then have to go to court to get possession of the property back, although this would be granted and she would then be liable for the £350 court costs.

She has no contract therefore the Landlord will need to go to court to evict her and show good reason for doing so. I have no doubt that he will but the court will probably be sympathetic and give her 14 or 28 days to leave.

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Thanx all will relay all info to her

Depends where the eviction notice came from. From Landlord then can drag it out, from court then have to pack bags unfortunately

It's not her house - so move.


See her on the next episode of Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

be easier for her to make arrangements to move she's got nearly 3 weeks

Why are you so desperate to keep her

Wasn't me
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