Hi All :O), How good are banggood.com to deal with? Are the reliable, secure, trustworthy and prompt? also do they ship from a UK location as I really don't want to be stung with import tax charges.....Look forward to your helpful and insightful feed

Yes legit
Yes generally reliable

Good customer services
But no they don't ship from UK
China or if you've paid extra on some items you can get EU warehouse deliveries in a few days with no tax charge.

You sound a littke niaeve /If you don't know what you re looking at/for however I'd recommend Amazon /UK based companies

order 4 of the same items. got email they had priced wrong. asked me what I wanted to do. I asked for all my money back got apology email and money paid back fast. so legit I'd say
just got my lights for Christmas priced up elsewhere for £29 paid £18 for two sets.
put them on and brill 16 tubes of snowing lights so can't fault Banggood.
I bought the xiaomi powerbank deal recently and it took a bit of a while but very happy with their service
They will be fine as long as nothing develops a fault as then they won't help at all.
Hey All, thanks for the great feedback.....even the one thinking that I could be naive!!!!??? Far from it! Just like to be sure of a few things before splurge my hard earned cash :0)
Well to be fair if you had looked at the site they state its from China warehouse for deliveries, most items have real user Praise/criticism. They say if an item is legit or fake, there have been many posts on here with deals from them
Yet you asked the basic questions like are they legit and post from UK ?

That's why I said naive
Thanks from the response :0) I simply would rather have feedback from fellow HUKD'ERS.....their own experiences and thoughts would certainly carry more weight then the feedback on banggoods own website....Just like when buying from Amazon / anywhere, I check as much feedback and as many reviews as possible before purchasing.
For me this is very important and makes common sense. I personally have not dealt with them (banggood), so from my naive experience especially when dealing with sites from the far east, I'd rather be safe then sorry.

Like you said, Amazon is the safest bet....more so then eBay due to the ease of reaching them if a problem arises, the speed of their responses and with items sold directly by Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon, their great returns policy.

Once again, thanks for all the constructive feedback!
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