Hi all, the USB Port on my LG TV seems to have stopped working, any advice please?

Found 26th Aug 2014
Until yesterday I was quite happily using my external hard drive to watch box sets of series's that I wanted to watch to see if I liked them (Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire etc), however, I plugged the hard drive into my LG TV yesterday to discover that when I go into the input screen, the USB drive isn't showing anymore so I can't access what is on the hard drive. Does anyone have any advice for me please? Is there any other way to plug my hard drive into the TV? It has a HDMI port, is that any use? Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried plugging the drive in to another usb port on your tv? Try pluging the usb drive into a pc to see if there is a problem with the drive itself. You could always perform a factory reset on your tv to see if that helps. I don't know if it will solve the problem, but it's worth a try. Good luck.
Get it fixed?
Hi mystery man, there is only 1 USB port on the TV, the drive worked fine when I transferred stuff onto it from my pc, so I can only assume it's the USB port itself that has failed, I will try doing a factory reset when I get home later, thanks for the advice
It would be worth trying another drive in the TV to see if the problem lies with the TV or hard drive first
The TV is probably picking up the fact that you are watching pirated versions of television series and as such disabled the ability to do so. Even though you told the TV "I wanted to watch to see if I liked them" it didn't really believe you.
I have a LG tv and it is rubbish for watching stuff from usb in comparison to my old Samsung. So I bought a WDTV Live box, best £40-50 I've probably spent.
Not a help with the TV but do you have a PS3 or PS4 that you can plug the hard drive in to?
Thanks fellow HUKD'ers for your advice and support, I will try a few of these ideas. If I still can't get the USB port to work on the TV is there anything else I can use to connect the hard drive to the TV? I'm afraid I'm not very tech savvy so I have no idea what else can be used (can't afford a new TV right now), I've only actually used the USB port for a few weeks but the TV is 2 years old. The drive works fine when I plug it into the PC, so I am assuming that it's the port that has gone haywire!! Thanks all
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