hi all wireless connection help needed for a laptop

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Found 11th Mar 2011
Hi all hope are well

Right my girlfriends laptop isnt connected to the wireless network at my house (network seems fine am typing this from a laptop connected to same network)

The laptop has worked since xmas with no problems and nothing has changed as far as we are aware

have tried a few things on google with no joy

her lappie is running windows 7 and upon trying to obtain connection "identifying" is all she gets it shows the name of my connection with no access underneath

so the connection is there but something is preventing connection any ideas?

thanks a lot for help as ever


have you tried turning the wireless on and off on the laptop,
it may be a anti virus disable it temp while you try connecting to see if it connects.
if not go into device manager and delete the driver for the wireless card then restart and try again.
if still no joy try going into the properties of the wireless adapter and seeing if IPV4 is selected or IPV6 is
if both are on try deselecting the IPV6 leaving the IPV4 selected.
a wireless restart may be needed inbetween those steps just to be certain.

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thanks for quick reply

have turned wireless on and off no joy
also tried disabling anti virus with no joy

were would i find the properties of the wireless adapter? and same question how to performa wireless restart

thansk again

Get this a few times with the 2 laptops we have. Usually re-setting our router has sorted the problem.

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just literally unplugging it stuart?


on the bottom right of yr taskbar you will see the wireless connection left click on it and then the list should show up,then right click on yr connection and choose status.
then on the window select properties and look at the list ,on mine i have version 4 and 6 ticked but only 4 is connected to the internet on the previous status page,but remember whats ticked and try unticking one or the other see if it helps.
and when i say restart yr wireless i meant by turning it on and off on yr laptop normally the FN key and a F key above F2 on my dell

yeah restarting routers a option but didnt you say thats working fine for another laptop,
maybe a setting on the router thats blocking another wireless connection

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yes the router is working fine on another laptop

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4 and 6 were both ticked

have tried just with 4 and just with 6 with no joy

have you done the troubleshooting?
if not right click on the wireless connection again at bottom right an select troubleshoot that sometimes fixes it


yeah restarting routers a option but didnt you say thats working fine for … yeah restarting routers a option but didnt you say thats working fine for another laptop,maybe a setting on the router thats blocking another wireless connection

I've had it before where one pc has worked and another wouldn't, Restarted the router ( Unplug for 30 seconds ) and that sorted it out. So yes try restarting your router.

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just trying that now thanks

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diagnostic suggests restarting router so i guess its worth a try!

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"the troubleshooter made some changes to your system

problems found

"wireless network connection doesnt have a valid ip configuration"

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thanks everyone working again

mixture of resetting and troubleshooter seemed to do it

great community here

if no luck get a cable and connect it direct to the router and laptop see if a connections made then.
another thing to try is;
to open network and sharing center in control panel an goto to manage networks then delete yrs from the list and restart the pc and router and try connecting again
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