Hi, anyone use this site before, how do you check where they are based and if legit.


    Flashy site but
    No contact details
    'Ships from China' in the FAQs
    Domain registered 1 Dec 14 !!!

    Big red flags from me!

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 01-Dec-2014
    Expiry date: 01-Dec-2015
    Last updated: 01-Dec-2014

    Sounds dodgy SO DONT USE IT as I really can't be bothered with another post saying I got ripped off what are my rights?

    Too cheap to be true - then it is!

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    Thanks for the replies, it's not for me, I have been trying to tell my mate they won't be real after having a look on their website. He is still adamant. I told him soon as I seen an email from them with broken English in the reply. Thanks again for clarification I will let him know.

    If you have any questions you can contact them 7/24

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    If you have any questions you can contact them 7/24

    Made me chuckle

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    CommentMade me chuckle

    I said that to my mate, his reply was but no one answers.

    A word of warning regarding the legit Pandora stores is that they are all franchised ( or something similar).

    Mrs Pandamansays noticed a friend had a bracelet, bought a charm and sent it to them. Turns out it wasn't a Pandora bracelet but another brand and the charm didn't fit. The friend wasn't able to return it to her local store even with the receipt. It had to go to the store where it was purchased ( almost 300 miles away). However there was only a short period when you can return items. We managed to return it in the end, but only with the help of an area manager and a lot of running around.
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