Hi, can anyone help me out with a bunny movie invitation code please. Thanks

Found 7th Jul 2014
I don't have a clue cause theirs don't work on the site
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Hiya....send me your email and I'll send ya an invite...:)
Thank you it's Mod Edit
Bless ya, it's much appreciated

Mod Edit: I've removed your personal contact details, but you should now be able to send a PM to hoddle101
Edited by moderator: "Jul 07, 2014 18:58" 7th Jul 2014
Oh I can't even send a pm, thanks anyways matey, bless ya
Hi could you send me the invite code to? I have tried e mailing them but it bounces Back
Can someone send me an invite to bunnymovie Please
Can I get a invite please
And me please
Can i have a invite plz tried registering but not sendin
Can Someone send me an invitation code to bunnymovie.com please?

Can i have a code please?
Thanks x
pls will you send me invitation code to my email thank you MOD EDIT: Email address removed.

Please do not post personal contact info in the public and open forum.

Thank you

Edited by moderator: "Jan 11, 2015 16:56" 11th Jan 2015
Can u plz send me a invitation code to my email thanks for the help
Please could anyone send me an invite at all?
Please can someone send me a invite , email keeps bouncing back!
Can someone send me an invite for bunny movie I need an invitation code. I would really appreciate any help.
can someone send me a bunny movies invite pls?
Can't we lock this thread as it's effectively just getting spammed by loads of new users begging??

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