hi di hi -------------its caturday..............

    where are you kippy???

    away we go

    for those who dont know

    put a pic up of a cat - cute cuddly .. anything goes


    Original Poster

    happy caturday again!

    happy caturday to the good and the great!

    Happy Caturday!

    hello all. made it home in time ... was out in kingley street (behind hamleys) having dinner, drink with friends.

    ok brb whilst i look for some piccys.

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    hi missroo - ddta -

    kippy - i took the perogative - hope u dont mind:)

    hello Holly, MissRoo! how's yr Friday been?

    yup experienced that tonight at the Blue Post ... lol.

    hello ddta!

    OMG this is mad.
    so orderly.

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    trying to stay awake for olympic swimming - gold medals for grabs

    this one dedicated to the 'i dont like caturday gang'

    WHO FARTID????

    who's in the medal running? holly

    [COLOR="Red"]Happy Caturday all![/COLOR]

    one for the mooses ...

    hey holly100, kippy!

    my fri has been ok... feel abit argh! :-( but ready to giggle at these pix!
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