Hi, does anyone have access to 'new' adverts on preloved?

Found 7th Mar 2013
Hi, does anyone have access to 'new' adverts on preloved? I would massively appreciate it if someone could grab the contact details from this ad for me:


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i do but Im on my mobile so can you post a clicky link please?
the seller doesn't have a phone number on their listing so I've sent a message to them requesting a number or email address. I'll let you know as soon as they reply
really nice of you to do all this
just thought id let you know i haven't forgot you. the seller still hasn't replied so I'll wait another couple of hours and message them again
haha thanks man
seems crazy that they havent got back to you yet
they're probably at work or haven't checked their emails yet. its strange they haven't put a phone number on the ad though, i always put mine on as it saves having to reply ti emails. i guess some people are very protective of their phone numbers though.
still haven't had a reply so I've just sent them another message.
why put up an ad if you cant be bothered to respond! sorry about this. i thought it would only take 30 mins for the seller to get back to you
I have finally just got a message back from the seller, I'm afraid they have already sold it. Sounds like they had a sale lined up but only just sold it so they were probably waiting to see if the buyer really wanted it before answering other interested people.

hey, i just saw this.
shame about the bike, cheers anyway tho!
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