Hi Guys - feeling lonely

    :friends: Where were you all, ignored my earlier request on this!! :giggle: I figure it was too close to Xmas and all suffering hangovers / indegestion / computer fatigue...:oops:

    Epson printer wanted for student. Lots of other makes you can get very cheaply for under £50 now but thier replacement inks are so expensive e.g Lexmark and HP. Epson seem to be the best. Am I right?:thinking:

    Under £50. Only to be used for docs, no photos. Basic model needed. Looked at ebay sellers but no guarantees / consumer rights etc. Kelkoo not much help really


    Lol, that thread title is genius :thumbsup:

    Yes Epson for cheap ink and if you just want bog standard printing go to [url][/url] and buy the cheapest one ...there is free delivery until this evening...and 1.5 % quidco if it's worth the effort?


    Lol, that thread title is genius :thumbsup:

    Yes, when I saw it in the forum index, I was on my way here with my mouse on the spam button...!

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    [SIZE=2]Result - printer ordered. Charm always works!!:giggle: [/SIZE]
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