Hi Guys, I want a mobile phone that takes good pictures, i purchased Sony M5 but have had nothing but trouble from them any recommendations. Dont mind chinese phones as had thl pro 6 for over 2 years now!

    Around £200... Must have good camera..Thanks


    I thought the m5 had a good camera? I have the lg g4 and the pictures were bad. Turns out to be the case I was using reflecting the the flash / sensors. The case was well clear of the important bits but effected pictures badly... When your taking pictures consider playing with the manual settings. It's not as easy as point and shoot with any camera although I tend to take most photos on a point a shoot basis. For bright or moving or low light, if I have the time Ill switch to manual for the odd shot. I also play with hdr on and off. Watch youtube for tips on your camera.

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    The M5 had a fabulous camera, and i loved it, but the first one bled light on the main screen, the second froze after it heated up and the third the sound went completely, other than that it was great!!! So I really do not wish to go for a 4th one! Do you know of any which are equally as good? oO

    Many of the high end phones use the Sony camera sensor so I understand. I think you can pick any of the flagship phones and get a good experience with the camera these days. Take a look at Nexus 5x as a starting point.

    I currently have the M5 (had it since February). camera is amazing, but I'm on my second phone already. first one, the sound went so it was repaired and returned. then the screen was unresponsive and was returned unrepaired. same happened again so I got a replacement. replacement phone is so far working fine, but yeah it isn't a great built phone due to these problems.

    Moto G4 Plus? £229…lus?&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=uk+-+brand+-+moto+g&utm_content=generation+4+Plus&utm_term={moto+g4+plus}&gclid=CNfK0OaitM4CFQafGwodAjgIgg

    My hubby has the lg g4 and it takes really clear photos in our opinion. my note 2 you may as well bin the pics that's how bad they are

    iPhone 6s Plus has a great camera on it i have one and it's amazing

    Huawei P8 in professional mode £140 phone £600 pictures
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    Thank you so very much for all your comments really appreciate it!
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