hi guys this is my first time on building my own gaming pc do you a good graphics card for around 125 pound

    not more than 135 pound.
    also first time i am doing this so could you suggest some good websites that are reliable and sell cheap components. and also websites that can guide me.


    What do you mean 'good' what games are you looking to play?

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    thanks i am looking to play battlefield 4 and xplane 10(flight simulator)

    Use PCPartPicker UK to make sure your PC parts are compatible with each other, but I recommend the GTX 760 GPU as its great for the price:performance ratio.

    A GTX 760 is £160, not the £125 he requested.

    At that price the fastest card for gaming is an R9 270X. The 750ti is a brand new design and amazingly power efficient, but still pretty expensive for the performance it offers so I'd only recommend it if you're trying to build a particularly small or a silent machine.

    As for Websites, some of the usual favourites are:
    Kustom PCs
    CCL Online
    More Computers

    Amazon too, but obviously you have to be careful when you're buying from marketplace sellers as they're as bad as ebay for dubious products.

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    thanks so much great answer endlesswaves
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