Hi help with my netbook

    My Samsung NC10 netbook has gotten reli slow with the Vista I put on it, does anyone know the best way of getting Windows 7 on it, it doesn't have a DVD drive, so how do I install it and where's the cheapest place.

    Can I download it and buy a key from eBay for £15?



    Your options are: external dvd drive, or if you can download it and use a drive emulator (such as daemontools lite) if it's a image file. Or you can download the upgrade version from the microsoft site somewhere (this is what I did)

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    will pc world do it if i bring it in


    will pc world do it if i bring it in

    For a price.......... :-D

    There was a tutorial around somewhere which explained how to mount it to a USB drive

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    this through windows says its 50 quid…spx


    i would buy an external usb drive, makes it so much easier
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