Hi I am looking for tips from someone who has some flair. I am in desperate need for tips regarding handbag storage. I have a king size ottoman bed where I keep my shoe collection. Appreciate all tips. I would be happy to have them on display or hidd

    Cost as long as not over the top is not an issue.


    Those shoe storage bags that you can hand from the back of the door or in the wardrobe. Get one with large enough spaces to accommodate your bags in.

    Just put some hooks up bet you could hand 3 or 4 handbags off each hook! put hooks inside a cupboard or back of a door if you want hidden! ;-)

    Oxfam shop ! If you think you're boasting you are so wrong !

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    Oxfam shop ! If you think you're boasting you are so wrong !

    I am not boasting! Shoes and bags have always been my thing. Like cars, game consoles etc. I just need some inspiration regarding storage ideas.

    Can you not just buy bigger bags than the one before, so each bag fits inside the other...bag in a bag in a bag in a bag etc etc

    vacuum bags, store the ones you don't use often

    Why don't you display them in a bookcase structure of sorts!

    Bags are my thing too. I use vacuum bags to store 'out of Season' bags in under bed storage. Then I have a hanging rack, in my wardrobe for regularly used bags. I also have three floating shelves to put a few of my current favourites out on as part of a wall of my stuff.

    I store my bags in bag sleeves it is like small soft cloth bags that comes with most bags to protected them , those sleeves also comes with shoes for storage and to protect shoes. But I guess a vacuum bag would do the same job, then you store them away, and leave out those in use.
    I store my shoes in shoes boxes under my bed and I label the boxes and also make a list of the shoes and their position under the bed so I know where to find them, and keep the list where it is easily accessible

    And for the bags I store them in the bag sleeves or plastic bag the strong ones you get when you go shopping in stores not the supermarket ones,and put them on top of my wardrobe, and some inside the wardrobe, but I make a list of all them.
    Another thing I found useful was over the door coat hangers, from pound shops or others shops, not sure if you can find it in B&Q, the only thing is the bags may get dusty with time, if not covered.
    Good luck
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