hi i need a cooker, can anyone recommend a place that can delivery for before christmas day.

    Hi i really need a cooker before christmas any ideas of any places that might be able to deliver


    I can't suggest a specific sotre but can say if you go into a store (lets say Currys) and get a display model, or end of range or anything that is actually on the shop floor OR in the back, then there is a very good chance they can arrange for delivery before Chirstmas.
    I did this with a Sofa and a Cooker last year, had to pay an extra £10 but hey it was all sorted with a local delivery firm the next day.

    Maybe worth thinking about.
    You often get other service options when you speak to the manager and tell them you want to spend money today!

    Good luck with it all


    i would say curry or dixons ask them what they have in stock then you should be able to take it away there or then good luck i keep fingers crossed for you

    ]electrical123 may possibily, they state 2 days but offered me a one day delivery free when I searched yesterday

    I just tried Comet online and they were offering me delivery on this Sunday if I wanted it. i think it depends if you want gas or electricity because you'll need a fitter for gas. next day delivery
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