Hi, I will be in the UK (London, Edinburgh, York, Keswick) for 3 weeks next spring. Which pre-paid, non-contract, PAYG mobile SIM-only deal would you recommend?

I have an HTC phone that uses the 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies for 4G LTE but not band 20 (800 MHz) and will need to use my phone as a personal hotspot for my wife’s phone. I would prefer to have at least 5GB of data (preferably on 4G) which allows tethering.

Also, are 3G speeds in London (where I’ll be spending most of my time) fast enough for web browsing and using apps (Google Photos, Drive, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger) should I have to go for a 3G plan? I won’t be streaming videos.


I would recommend 3 if your using for a personnel hotspot and tethering

The ASDA Mobile Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 20GB of data. More than enough for browsing, liking, shopping, sharing, streaming and face-timing - all for just £10!

I would say three, also if your only using data look for the deals posted here for the data sims with lots of data.. also with three you could possibly take it back home and use up the rest of the data there using the feel at home roaming feature

3 are the best and cheapest also works on the underground in London

free WiFi with 3 on underground I meant

download the translator app when you arrive in London cos you will need it

3is prob best

No I would not recommend three. I left three as they are very slow in London and too many customers.

band 20 avoid o2/giffgaff

If you go into an o2 they let u borrow a phone free and you just put a payg sim in it
You do need to leave a deposit and it's a basic phone but ideal for a holiday
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