hi im looking to buy antivirus soft but want tonhet the best for my money. can you recomend?

At the moment I use avast Internet security trial version. And after that I am going to buy it maybe. I wonder what is better.. Avg avast or Norton. Or maybe something else. Thanks.for your help



Try Kaspersky. Very good anti virus.

Eset internet security.


Try Kaspersky. Very good anti virus.

If you're a Barclay's bank customer, then it's free for the paid version!

If you've got common sense and understand what to download and from where (eg not torrents etc) then any of the free AV's should be adequate

I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials (wait for the down votes and negative comments fregarding MSE is no longer supported (incorrect) etc) for many years now and never been hit with a virus - yes MSE is not the top rated AV but when testing AV's under scientific conditions most AV's have issues but then again I'm not downloading torrents etc

I have Malwarebytes as a second check but haven't used it for many months because most of the stuff I download are from "reputable sites"


avast free - no need to pay for it really

Please don't pay for Norton.....And don't pay Currys/PC World for any AV!

I paid pcworld £20 for avg dont bother with that. avast or kaspersky I'd recommend

I find the virtual keyboard very usual :-)

Avast free!
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