hi, in urgent need of advice, and explanation as to the process of how the problem can be fixed..cost too....my home is experiencing subsidence and i am now thinking it is down to collapsed drain...there are cracks appearing all over the house but th

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Found 15th Nov 2016
Collapsed drain and subsidence


Employ a specialist to produce a report.


get a structural engineer to assess problem

Are u insured through your house insurance or through the water company for your sewers and water pipes?

Quite possible if you have old drains or live close to the coast.

Depending on your home insurance you should be covered for subsidence ( usually has quite a high excess though) and they will appoint a structural engineer & loss adjuster to manage claim

your insurance company could also try make a recovery of their costs along with your excess if they can prove negligence on the water companies part

Well yes you need a survey but I would be surprised if it's a cracked drain unless the main drain goes under your house. Check on your water bill to see who handle drainage you might be able to get them out and save the cost.


if you have lots of cracks then you need to take action now because it will get worse.

you can claim insurance if you have any and excess is normally £1,000 but instruct a surveyor first or whatever you think is a cheap option. ... good luck

I would suggest u get the drain fixed as it will only cause the problem to get worse. Also u can employ a structural engineer who will most likely advise repair the drain followed by a remedy of pointing and crack repair. If the movement is substantial then it maybe a case of rebuilding certain sections. It best u get drains repaired and also consulate a structural engineer at the same time asap. Also subsidence is not good when selling a property in the future as it will make it hard for any buyer to get a mortgage and only certain lenders lend on this type of cases. I purchased a house once with structural defects and after spending £1000s in the ground I gave up in the end as I couldn't get any company to give me a 30 year guarantee to sell it forward after. And without the guarantee no lender will give a mortgage on the property.
Best place I found for a structural engineer.
Also ring around for a drain survey. And another suspect maybe a damaged water pipe.
If the house is less than 10 years old it will be covered by warranty ie nhbc. Insurance is the best way to go if u have it in place.

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get a knife and turn lights off. then ask on a shopping forum for people to just have a stab in the dark at what it could be with your description.


get a knife and turn lights off. then ask on a shopping forum for people … get a knife and turn lights off. then ask on a shopping forum for people to just have a stab in the dark at what it could be with your description.

​Hes in major melt down not exactly the nicest thing to say. I hope it turns out ok for you. I have trees near my house and I fear this more than most things so I know what its like. *revs chainsaw*

Too many variables for anyone to help to be honest.

Who diagnosed subsidance?
Its important to get all the facts and only a structural engineer or surveyor inspecting property will be able to help with this.

Age of property will also have a bearing. Its not uncommen for new builds to settle causing minor cracking in plaster and render.

Many houses will also show signs of historical settlement where the house has moved in first few years then stopped.

If new cracks are forming a structural engineer will be able to measure them and provide plan for remedial action or possibly record findings and monitor over set period.

Personally id pay a surveyor or structural engineer to make a report before approaching home insurance. Just incase its not subsidance at all.

So much for urgent advice needed


So much for urgent advice needed

The house has probably collapsed so advice no longer needed
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