Hi is there anyone who has a alarm system from verisure

Posted 24th Jan 2020
they say it's biggest company in Europe.

I have been under alot of stress and tension as had numerous break-ins in last week.

So just got there system Installed. I asked numerous occasions about things but reading the contract and it's still not very clear what is correct.

basically this is what I believe I am signed up to. I paid £399, for alarm kit setup and connection fee.

plus 29.90 monthly and a extra £3 monthly fee for outside camera.

initially I was told by the sales rep it will be £399. fee everything included for setup. and £30. monthly and nothing else and I can cancel monthly subscription anytime with 1 months notice and have 90 days too cancel it all for a full refund they showed me a paper and I can't find that in my paperwork anymore. I am thinking maybe they took it with them or I lost it as my house is in a very big A very big mess, (building site)

so my main concern is this. I askd if any thing gets damaged by the thief's/vandals and they have already ripped out alot of copper and other things . there equipment looks abit too fragile and I asked the sales representative if someone comes and take it smashes it up as it's not hidden and very visible, the equipment who is responsible they said as long as I am on the monthly everything is covered so don't worry about anything. we will replace it for free I have also read this on one of there websites somewhere but can't find it again, looking at the contract it says I am responsible for the equipment and damage too it so I am confused does it mean ,if I decide too cancel the monthly contract then I need too pay for damages and maintenance of equipment but I can keep it and carry on using the app and it's features other than the call centre and security call outs etc after this,

plus I am reasured all call outs are free as they are already aware of the condition of my property and they are happy too keep on coming too move stuff around as I need plastering etc. but in contract it says abit different I think they will come out 2 times after that they charge a call out fee £70.

really appreciate it if anyone who has it and know more about my questions.

as if I will need too pay for anything getting damaged or need replacing I won't be able too afford this so no point keep it or if I stop the monthly subscription and can't use the app too take the photos or acticste alarms then it will be pointless using the system at £399. it would be very expensive.
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