Hi please can you advise....Laptop buying help

Found 5th Aug
Hi hotukdeal community
Please can you help/advise

I am after a laptop deal...
budget £500
will be using photoshop / office for around 8 hours a day
would be good if it had ssd
and definitely a 15 inch screen at least
appreciate any help...
And thanks
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This question is asked almost daily.... there are tons of threads about this...
Use the search button and you'll see loads of different options....

Edited by: "DemonOverlord" 5th Aug
as in the other thread.. if you say photoshop when you are not actually using it then you are misleading people and wont get proper help
cropping images to 150*150 wont stress anything

making 2 threads asking basically the same (1 laptop, 1 desktop) wont do you any favours either
Edited by: "brilly" 6th Aug
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