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    Hi guys,

    Taken some decent shots on my DSLR but when i got them printed using truprint website, they came out darker and poorer quality than on screen.

    Anyone know how i can improve this, or a good site that can print them at a decent quality?



    I would send them back to Truprint and expain you are not happy, they are usuall pretty good to deal with....

    probably a good idea to source a program to calibrate your pc monitor - this has a huge impact on images. the saturation or colour balance or whatever may be out to a large degree. a print shop will generally print the image faithfully, but if you're seeing it wrong in the first place you may think it's their mistake, not yours.

    once you know there's an issue you can always adjust an image to give the results you want

    try or some other digital camera website for thorough advice, what i've just given is nowt more than a thumbnail sketch of a potential problem. the people you'll encounter on such sites are generally extremely switched on and will help you no end.

    hope this helps

    View your proof setup before sending to truprint. :thumbsup:…Cw0

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys! Rep left.

    With response to calibrating my monitor, it's not just the colour they are getting wrong, its so dark that some details on the photo's are missing as well. Definitely their fault! Will try sending them back!

    I've always got my professional prints done at Photobox and they've always come out fantastic quality, very similar to a professional lab near me that charges about £1 a print!
    Would highly recommend and there's usually some codes about. £5 Quidco for first order too.

    Original Poster

    Photobox eh?
    Will give them a try. Thanks for the Quidco info too, since this will be the first time i've ordered off them. Have some rep :thumbsup:
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