Hi there could anyone give me some advice on a immobiliser problem!!!!

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Found 30th Jun 2009
hi everyone,

ive got a renault scenic and ive got a problem with the immobiliser,its not working so cant get the car to start,ive phoned round a few garages and there prices are mad!

i was wondering if anyone new of any thing i could try

many thanks

lisa :-)

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what does the light do?

i had a problem with the immobiliser on my clio once.. they only way i could start it was if i pressed the button on the fob as i was turning the key.


jump start the battery, disconnect it, theres some wires under the passenger side dash, pull them out, find the one for immob, disable it, either should do trick

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the light flashes on the key when you press it,but theres no noise to it,cant unlock/lock the car with it,have to do it manually.


see if u can disconnect and connect the batt

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ive tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect and doesnt make any difference

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how would i know what wire under the passenger side is the immobiliser one - im such a women lol

try changing the battery on your key fob!

try this website,,,looks like a common problem


scroll down to renault then write immobiliser in the search bar

what year is your megane? different years - different ways....

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hi there its a renault scenic r reg 1998

Sounds like your chip in your key needs reprogramming.

My dad had a similar problem with his immobiliser diff car tho it was the battery in the key fob not sendin string enough signal hope it helps

First ensure that when you unlock the car, you try to start it within 30 seconds, otherwise re-blip it. Otherwise look on renaultforums.co.uk as it is a common problem unfortunately on that year Scenic.

I'm pretty sure this can only be reprogrammed at the stealers - nearly 100% certain.
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