Hi There, where is doing the cheapest mamma mia dvd?? and where can i get a 4gb sd memory card??

    thanks all...


    With regards to mamma mia, as far as i know is ASDA @ £7. :thumbsup:

    BangCD have it at 9.99 in stock, eveywhere else is around £12 - £13

    asda £7

    i just bought a 4GB Sandisk SD card from amazon for £6.32 delivered.

    Or for £7.99 (Mama-Mia)


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    With regards to mamma mia, as far as i know is ASDA @ £7. :thumbsup:


    asda £7

    I was in Asda this morning and noticed it had now gone up to £13.98 :-(

    all the special reduced prices have now been sold and new stock will see it at RRP.

    BangCD have also sold out it seems, see [url][/url]

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    [COLOR="Purple"]thanks all..
    i will try & amazon...[/COLOR]

    Got mine from Argos yesterday, £9.99. The lad behind the till said they have been selling very fast tho:)

    Is it just me or have most large retailers increased their prices at the same time as the VAT reduction was suppose to come in effect?!?! Seems this way searching for the cheapest price on this dvd now
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