Hi, what is the best sim only deal under £15?

    I'm looking for a cheap sim only deal for my son with as much data allowance as possible. Any info will be much appreciated, thanks


    not sure of other networks but I've been on Giffgaff for a good few years now, they do 1 gig of data with 500mins and unlimited texts @ £10 or for £12 you get unlimited data, unlimited texts and 250mins…fer

    Unlimited data (with tethering) 600min 2000 text sim only £15 (1 year contract or £18 montly) at three

    3 top up 15 and get quite alot of minutes texts and all you can eat data you buy it as an add on after you top your phone up

    giff gaff does unlimited data for 12.50 per month

    Try Tesco, they have great Sim only deal for £7.50 per month, with ample Data and Text etc for general use age. If you have a family member or friend who works for tesco you can get on 'family perks' which is virtually double use age allowance. The good thing about the Tesco sim is that you can 'cap' it at £9 per month which ensures the monetary figure cannot be passed and end up with a huge Bill. Great idea for kids use especially.

    Wouldn't recommend Giffgaff.

    Not only do they use O2's shockingly slow 3G network with terrible 3G coverage, you get lowest priority so your speeds are even worse than O2 users.

    If you have to go with an O2 MVNO, go with Tesco Mobile.

    Original Poster

    I need a tesco relative!!!

    You don't need a tesco relative, it would help your choices if you had a friend with access to tesco or associated with them in some way. Anyway the cheapest and best deal is with tesco for all general public at £7.50 per month.

    Virgin do some great deals, even more so if you are a media customer. I get 600 minutes, unlimited text and 5gb for £5 a month. Discounted rate obviously as I have other services with them.
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