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hiding radiator pipes?

Posted 12th Mar 2014
just moved in, noticed the radiator pipes are going vertical up the wall in hallway near door frame, but as i have a baby that is just starting to learn to walk, she holds onto things and worried about her fingers getting trapped, what do people use to box them in? is there something cheap but smart looking, i saw the "riva" stuff, which looks neat, but cant tell if it replaces the skirting or sits over it, and didnt see anything for vertical pipes..
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I got a carpenter to box it in but you could do it yourself with ply wood. If you don't need it to be permanent, you could just box it to the baby's height and remove when the baby grows up if you don't fancy doing the whole floor to ceiling?
We had one in our first house like that, we purchased some plastic conduit. It came with a pack of pipe clips which held two pipes side by side, you then just clipped the box section on to the pipe clips.

Dead easy and took just a few mins, not the prettiest thing ever but easily removed to get back to where you are now.

Can't remember where it was from, but most likely wickes, toolstation, screwfix or B&Q

This is the idea but I would have just got them from one of the above:


Probably Screwfix that I got them from...


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Two options either box it in with wood or go to any general plumbing merchant/DIY shop and purchase some ready made plastic trunking.


Alternately just get some foam pipe lagging and cover it to a suitable height


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......when we have people around....I often stand I front of them, with my hands on my hips !

.....on account that I figure I look way better and classy...and have way thicker trunking

Give me a shout....in case you need me up in front of your pipes
Easiest, neatest and most cost effective solution: Wickes... 2 by 1 inche battons. Box in the section and cover with plasterboard. cut to size and screw into place. As long as you have basic diy skills its pretty forgiving. You'll need builders calk as filler and a scraper to apply smooth. once it all dries you can paint it the same colour as the wall. Job done. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Its one optiin
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