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    I want slimline black freestanding speakers (minimum 50w rms) to link to a sparates system. I was thinking of something B&W or Modant short. Anyone seen any bargains in this.

    I have also seem some cool looking glass speakers systems to link with an IPOD anyone see glass speakers uitable for a separtes systems?


    Speakers are a personal both sound and advice is to find a specialist hi fi dealer (like Sevenoaks) and they will give you a demo of the models you fancy...linking them to similar, if not the same, amp/cd player that you own.

    You are under no obligation to purchase but will have a better idea of your requirements and then trawl for the best price....with speakers you end up with what you pay ones sound cheap.

    Currychops is right.

    Personally I have B&W 5.1 surround setup and it's great, not as tweaked or detailed as say Kefs, but has far more depth, great bass.

    Listen, judge for yourself.

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    the trouble I guess is I am linking it with a non hifi system. Its a hitachi AX 140 (as sold by dixons see below) which has a hard drive for mp3 where I keep the muisic. All I was hoping to do was get some black freestanders.


    AX -M140

    Exclusive Digital Home Entertainment System

    100 watts (RMS) power output; 40Gb Hard-Drive with USB/ USB 2.0; DVD, MP3, WMA and CD-R/RW playback; 2-Way speakers.


    [URL="javascript:addToBasket( "…jsp[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cceiaddjmjdkjdgcflgceggdhhmdgnf.0&prev_results=no&page=MultibuyRouter&sku=490188&routerOperation=DGEAddToCart&category_oid=&calling_page=Product&coverplan_for=490188&installation_for=490188" , '',22,2);"][/URL]]More info>

    I'm a but if purist audiophile, but high end microsystems have improved alot of late, Hitachi isn't a make I'd attach with high fidelity myself.

    If you are willing to spend £500, I'd recommend a £250ish surround amp with radio (perhaps waiting for hdmi amps to fall more) and a £250ish surround speaker bundle.

    You can add dvd players, cd players, sky digital phono inputs, mp3 player inputs etc all at later stages.
    That is what makes a seperates system so great, you can upgrade induvidual parts as you can afford them/need them etc.

    Considering amp and speakers on that set will be worth under £200 imo, 40gb mp3 players for £60 now and dab radios for £15, that stereo only Hitachi isn't a good deal imo.

    Get a surround amp and speaker bundle and a cheap mp3 player for now imo (do you really need dab? is your fm reception bad?) that combo surround setup will demolish a £500 stereo system overcharging u for a inbuilt 40gb hdd and dab.

    it's worth checking canton CD200 series, they are highly rated speakers…htm
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