High can someone get me the chepest official xbox 360 quick charge kit

    High can someone get me the chepest xbox 360 official plug n play kit with the battery

    I just bought a wireless controller so now im gunna need to charge it

    Im thinking now i should of kept my wired one as its less hassle n cheaper but what the hell wireless rules


    hi Dandoc,
    got the controller OK? that was quick....

    Does it have to be official kit? [url][/url] do an unofficial one for £10.99…875

    I just use high power rechargeable AA batteries which you can get cheap on the internet eg [url][/url]

    i use the batterys from my cordless phone - i have a phone upstairs and downstairs

    i purchased a spare set of rechargeables and just swap them with the phone ones

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    No i havent got it yet but it shud come tomorrow and i wanna be prepared as i dont wana buy batteries like aa ones as it will be expensive for me for decent ones

    Theres a quick charge kit on gameplay for £7.99 but i wanted official

    ]Amazon were cheapest at £15 when I bought one last month

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    No sorry i meant the plug n play kit sorry

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    Ty for that gary ill get the quick charge kit -- plus i got that fiver voucher off so ill get anotehr battery

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    Got the wireless controller today wow

    Super Fast like 2 days delivery

    Looks to be the genuine article i shall test it once i get my 360 replacement from boots
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